All About Our Cookie Policy

What are Cookies

We all know about the tasty kind of cookie like in the photograph, yum. There is another kind of cookie which we are talking about in our cookie policy. A cookie is a very small file often stored on your computer linked to your web browser. The majority of sites use them and they are nowadays a standard part of the web and the website function.

Why do we use Cookies

The little bits of information stored in the cookie help the site to function well and make the browsing experience easier and personal to you and your use of the site. They can be used to set your preferences, monitor your use of the site, to help us improve the site/performance and to supply more relevant information to you including advertising. With the help of markers called pixels, third party services can also use cookies to link up other services that you are with or to enhance the functions of the website.

Different Types of Cookies

Some cookies are session cookies and unlike persistent cookies they are not stored but removed from your system when you close your browser. Some of the cookies are necessary cookies and they are needed for the website to work well for you. Some are tracking cookies that we use to enhance the functionality and performance of the website to make it better for you. Another type of cookie are third party cookies, we use a tracking system with our service providers to enhance the websites function such as search responsive email notifications.

Can I Control The Cookies

You can use your browser settings to turn off some types or all of the cookies. Please follow your browsers help pages if you are unsure how to do this. While this would give you a more private browsing experience, some of the website may not be accessible and some parts of the website will not work properly for you. You can also delete cookies on your system, again please follow your browsers instruction but please note that the preferences stored will be removed for any of the website cookies that you remove and will affect the way the site works when you next use it.

Please read our Privacy Policy if you you would like to know more about our use of cookies.